Radaan Short Film Festival

Radaan Short Film Festival has had entries from across the globe. The top 25 Indian entries and top 5 international entries will be featured in this series. The films that will make it to the next level of competition would be your favorites. Watch the films and encourage our budding talents for your views can count to the Top 10. We are delighted to have Director Balaji Mohan, Director Karthik Subburaj, Editor Antony, Cinematographer Rathnavel (Randy) and Music Director Santosh Narayan as our esteemed panel.

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TALK-a-THON is an event conducted by Radaan Nxgen in association with Tata Docomo. It is a creative talking competition where the clever one wins.

Lil' Stars

Lil' Stars is an exclusive platform for kids to exhibit their talents. It happened on 28th Nov. at T.Nagar Tata Docomo office.​ Click on the video to watch the ​young talents at their best. ​​

Kidz Fest

Radaan Kidz Fest is a Special event conducted by Radaan Mediaworks India Ltd. ​Kids competed in 4 categories, namely Vocal Music, Sloka recitation, Instrumental music & dance. ​Click on the video to watch the ​young talents at their best. ​​Following this, you will find many videos of the contestants of the Kidz Fest which was held at Ispahani Centre.

Nadigavelin Rajapattai

Year 2015 marks the 108th Birth anniversary of LateThiru M R Radha the legendary actor. Ms Radikaa Sarathkumar decided to pay tribute to her father with the art form that was close to his heart - Theatre, Radaan Mediawroks in association with Puthu yugam channel conducted a State level theatre contest. The finals was held in Chennai with celebrtiy performances.


Radaan media proudly presents, the most favourite teleserial Elavarasi, is being telecast in your sun tv, Monday to Saturday at 1.30 p.m. Now this super hit serial is nearing 1000 episode by 16th of this month .The directorial team and the writers, under the supervision of Head of creatives Ms.R.Radikaa sarathkumar had introduced lot of twist and turns in the screen play to accelerate the tempo of the story.

Maha is determined to do anything to hold subramani in her life and even ready to give a big money to Elavarasi to part with him. So the furious Elavarsi fights with subramani and asked him to stay away from Maha. Instead Subramani ignores Elavarasi and starts to live with Maha. Hence, the ill fated Elavarasi goes out of the house with her child and struggle to live without her husband. One day to her dismay , Elavarasi comes to know that maha is in her death bed counting her days. Now, Elavarasi is left with the option either to safe guard her life or to save the life of her enemy Maha. what would Elavarasi going to do?

Lawyer Tamilarasi treats her daughter-in-law pooja as her own daughter and plans to get her in marriage as she is a young widow. But Pooja was against this proposal and wants to live only for her child. Both of them are strong in their views and Who is going to win in this struggle?

Assistant commisioner Shanmugam decides to have Gayathri as surrocated mother for his child as his wife Jayanthi could not give birth to a child. Gayathri has a female child through her earlier contract as the contract couples divorced before she could give birth. As decided, Gayaththri is now carrying shanmugam's child in her womb. In this stage, the divorced couple reunite and comes to Gayathri for their child, which disturbs Gayathri. The poor Gaythri was so attached to the child that she did not want to send the child with her parents. Now Gayathri takes a decision to come out of the problem. What is that decision and will shanmugam get his child because of her decision? The answer for these interesting questions will be answered in the forthcoming episodes of Elavarasi serial. Dont miss it, Watch Elavarasi serial without fail.


Santhoshi,Srihar,Ratchitha,Archana, Vasanth, Rajasree, Sreevidya, Subalekha Sudhakar, Anuradha Krishnamurthy, Rajasekar, Chitra and many more. TechnicianScreenplay: Gurusampathkumar, Dialogue:Prasanna,Direction:M.K. Arunthava raja D.F.A, Head of Creatives :Smt.R.Radhikaa Sarathkumar

VAANI RANI Mega Serial

Radaan media proudly presents, your most favorite tele serial Vaani Rani is being telecast in your suntv from Monday to Friday at 9.30 p.m. Now this super hit serial is nearing 200th team has introduced lot of twist and turns to accelerate the tempo of the story.

Vaani and Rani family live together as joint family. While vaani and her husband Bhoominathan takes care of the families financial needs, Rani and her husband swaminathan, who is the brother of Bhoominathan runs the home. Bhoominathan influenced by his mother tries to send Rani family out of their family and they plan a plot and succeed in their conspiracy. But one day the truth surfaces and every one comes to know about their conspiracy and the two families reunite again. Whir Swaminathan starts coffee vending business to run his family in straight forward way, his son Saravanan tries to earn money illegally by discontinuing his education . Will the dark side of Saravanan would be exposed to his family? If so what would be the impact on the family and how Rani going to bear this blow?

Shenbagam tries to marry Rajesh with the help of her uncle Kali, though she knew that he had already married to Selvi. But to her shock the news that Kali had been sentenced comes to her as thunder. Even after that she determines to marry Rajesh at any cost, Likewise Selvi tries to refrain Rajesh from the clutches of Shenbagam. In this life and death war who is going to win ?

The answer for these interesting questions will be answered in the forthcoming episodes of Vaani Rani. Dont miss it, Watch Vaani Rani without fail.


Smt. R.Radhikaa Sarthkumar,Venu aravind, Babuloo, Ravikumar,Santhi Williams, Mano, Arun, Vikki, Maanas, Nikila, Mahalakshmi, SriDevi and Neha episode by this week .To add more interest to the serial, the directorial.

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